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Zoom in on the interactive Google Map to see where the DNR plans to log for the ‘On the Line’ timber sale.

Please help us save the ‘On the Line’ legacy forest!

The ‘On the Line’ timber sale is scheduled for auction on June 14th, 2023 and will log 87 acres of mature legacy forest, turning it into a plantation tree farm. It will also create 6,355 feet of new road construction, which will be a permanent loss of carbon sequestration potential.  The auction to a timber company is scheduled, but DNR has the ability to delay the auction while alternatives are explored.

Walking through ‘On the Line’ Unit 1 is like walking through Olympic National Park. It’s a complex, biodiverse and naturally regenerated legacy forest, containing large diameter trees, standing snags and large dead wood on the forest floor. It’s a critical resource for our climate crisis and loss of biodiversity.

The Forestry Practices Application (FPA) and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) resulted in a Mitigated Determination of Non-significance (MDNS). The timber sale was approved by the DNR Board of Natural Resources (BNR).

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Add any of your own words & personal details to your email to make it even more effective!

The email link is a template response to the DNR and our Clallam County Commissioners. If the link above doesn’t work for you, scroll down to the ‘Take Action’ area for details on sending an email.

"Effects of human disturbance on biodiversity are poorly known, and some impacts may be irreversible. Others such as synergistic and cumulative effects can be extremely difficult to quantify or predict…. [and] for some species will probably never be known… Ultimately, this makes large ecological reserves valuable as 'safety nets' relatively free from human disturbance."

Lindenmayer and Franklin (2002)

Help Us Protect Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the key to resilience in the time of the climate crisis. These complex forests are critical for preserving at-risk species.

Climate Change

Conserving mature and old-growth forests is one of the most affordable and effective tools for fighting climate change. No human-made technology can match big trees for removing and storing climate pollution. If they are logged, most of that pollution is quickly released into the atmosphere and it takes many decades or centuries for younger trees to recapture it.
We have lost most of our mature and old-growth forests across the country due to past logging. This is a serious problem because healthy mature and old-growth forests provide drinking water to communities, protect fish and wildlife, and absorb and store vast amounts of climate pollution. To protect what we have left and recover what has been lost, it is critical that we protect both mature and old-growth forests from being cut down in the future.
See the declaration from Dr. Dominick DellaSala (Chief Scientist at Wild Heritage) regarding climate aspects associated with logging on lands managed by the WA State DNR.

In the WA SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) checklist for ‘On the Line’, there was no climate impact analysis done. With an estimated 4,922 MBF (thousand board feet) of forest to be cut down, this sale could release approximately 50,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Numerous life cycle analyses have found that between 75% and 85% of the carbon stored in a timber sale will end up in the atmosphere in a relatively short period of time.

They include the emissions associated with the decay and combustion of logging residuals, and carbon released from disturbed soils. They include fossil fuel emissions associated with diesel and gasoline powered machinery used during logging and road building. They include the carbon lost to the atmosphere as logging residues decay or are burned. They include the fossil fuel emissions generated by transport, and during the manufacturing process.

'On the Line' legacy forest rivals the beauty and majesty of forests in Olympic National Park.

Mature Trees

This forest contains a large number of old growth, mature trees. It features large douglas fir, western hemlocks, western red cedar, big leaf maple and red alders.

Complex Forest

'On the Line' is a complex, biodiverse and naturally regenerated mature forest. It has many snags and large wood on the forest floor, providing critical habitat. There's a complex forest canopy and understory, with a wide variety of plant species.

Read the Legacy Forest Defense Coalition’s letter of opposition to the WA DNR Board of Natural Resources regarding ‘On the Line’ and other upcoming timber sales.

What can we do?

Take Action!

1. Contact your Representatives

Use this link to create a draft email to the DNR and the Clallam County Commissioners:

Add any of your own words & personal details to your email to make it even more effective!

2. Speak or Comment at the next Clallam County Commissioners Meeting

When: Every Tuesday @  10 am – 11:30 am 

Where: The Clallam County Courthouse, 223 E 4th St. in person OR on Zoom.

  • Use this Comment Guide
  • Enter the door with the large community kiosk in front of it. Once inside, take a left. Walk down the hallway until you get to the meeting room on your left.
  • Find zoom information in the meeting agenda here.

3. Volunteer to protect our Elwha and other Legacy Forests

4. Spread the Word

  • Host a presentation in the community
  • Tell 5 friends/neighbors about the Power Plant and TCB23 timber sales & pass on the actions info
  • Email if you want to help spread the word!
5. As a bonus action, let your State and Federal representatives know that you support preserving our older forests:
State legislative representatives:
Federal legislative representatives:

If the link doesn’t work with your email client, use the following sample language:

I oppose the State logging the “On the Line” forest. This forest is a beautiful, mature legacy forest and should be protected to help us with the climate crisis. It is a prime candidate for the Natural Climate Solutions preservation.

Pausing this timber sale provides time to explore forward thinking solutions compatible with other climate mitigation efforts, including generating revenue from carbon markets, obtaining funds through emerging state programs, and transferring the lands out of state management such as to the County for park use.

Please oppose the “On the Line” timber sale. ​Thank you for considering my comment, and I would appreciate a response.

Add any of your own words & personal details to your email to make it even more effective!

Send this email to:

The DNR (Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz, and the Olympic Region DNR):  360-902-1000

WA DNR Board of Natural Resources (BNR)
“Dan Brown” <>
“Chris Reykdal” <>
“Wendy Powers” <>
“Lisa Janicki” <>
“Jim Cahill” <>

Clallam County Commissioners:

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